3 kg off

Its happy day for me. I have the pain in my leg, arm … T25 mr. Sean has a perfect train for me… its the third day Im in training, and i burned 3 kg of my body, i dont eat so much unhealty stuff, Im ready for shooting to have my photo book for model, you never know where my star is hiding…. today is my happy day


Think about it

It’s 31. of July, last day in this month, I always think about it, about fashion, modeling, new style,… everything that I’m not. I was wondering, can I become a model plus size or I need more motivation and get off kg from my body. I fell ok but when I want to dress some nice clothes, then I have a problem, big problem… where is the time that you eat everything and you never have a problem with weight everything was +1 or +2 kg, and they step quickly, now I drink one glass water and I have 1kg more 😵.

I think that I need to stop, stop eating unhealthy food, be more considering on foodstuffs, more exercises and maybe my dream come true.

I need help, I need motivation, I need you, to see in me good potencial woman and maybe with your help I’m closer to my dream.

Think about it

Today 100 %

Today 100,00 kg

But tomorow it will be diferent

Stay with me

Send me motivation letter

Be with me